On Friday, October 12th I went with my STA112 class on a bus trip to Chicago, Ill. The trip was intended to show us the many different types of art and places for art to inhabit within a city. This blog will recount my personal experience on this day.  I, being an apparel and textile design major, decided to join MSU’s Fashion Design Student Association (FDSA for short) on a trip to visit boutiques rather than galleries.

The first boutique, Mira Bridal Couture, was absolutely beautiful. I was overwhelmed by the neatly organized fabric, jewelry, wedding gowns and other clothing which all inhabited the same room. The woman in charge Mira gave us a beautiful speech on how we should all work hard, follow our passions and make sure to stay ahead of the fashion curve by being familiar with other country’s trends. I felt very inspired and, after she showed us the details of her handmade garments, the idea of buying a $4,000 dollar dress suddenly made a lot more sense to me. It was wearable art, not a peacock show of affluence. We were taken to the work room and watched the women work with their hands for some time which was very inspirational. After we left, we walked down the street a few feet to Contessa Bottega, another high end boutique. Again the owner and his wife talked to us about perusing a career in fashion with very similar advice. Although they were sure to remind us to always have the fabric before you take orders!

Afterward, we hopped back on the L, split up from FDSA and went to the Millennium Park to look at some public art. We sat and ate while watching Crown Fountain spit at us. Next we visited the bean and looked at nearby smaller installations. We then headed over to the Art Institute of Chicago. We looked through several of the permanent collections where we new we could take pictures (but still made sure to ask). Here we spent some time sketching and observing the different works of art.  When we were done we decided to check out the Museum of Contemporary photography. Out trip here was significantly shorter because there were only three small floors of space. For some reason we could not discern none of the photographs were attributed to any artist but it was clear they were not by the same person.

When we left the photography museum we got lost a bit before meeting up with Monica’s friend who attends The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She showed us around her dorm and we gazed in wonder at the exceptionally large closet space. Our time nearly spent, we decided to head back guided by Lizzie. We arrived at the bus stop perhaps a half hour earlier than we should have just to be safe. Then we watched the sun set until the buses came to take us back to MSU.

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